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Hi ♥️

So happy you're here! To start things off this brand was made by my mom and I. We created this to validate every inch of your body. Every piece is made to your beautiful measurements. Over our lifetime and yours we have been taught to fight against ourselves and against our size by the beauty standards created by advertisements for top fashion companies and by the gorgeous models we see. Although they are so gorgeous, there is no rule book that says that is the only look that is gorgeous.

Healthy is gorgeous. Whatever a healthy body looks like, is Gorgeous. The goal needs to health. Not to be skinny, or to be curvy, or wishing some parts were bigger or some smaller.... the goal is getting your body to be your version of healthy. 

So I wanted to create a safe place for us all to write about our self love journey. Where you are in it, how you are doing, what your goal is, seeking advice, giving advice, any kind words you have to say, any feeling that you feel, say them here. It is hard to magically feel like we are beautiful enough in 2 seconds. It's a journey and I encourage you to love every step of that journey. To take it day by day, moment by moment. To take one step each day. even if it's 1 affirmation in the mirror today. Let's motivate each other and get there together. 🥹

- Shantal (from Sonsha) 

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